Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Geek of the Week: Hendree Milward

I sent emails out to the department, letting them know about yofx, and asking for nominations for a new series called 'Geek of the Week'. Here are some quotes.

Rob says, "I nominate you as geek of the week for starting the math blog!"

Lori says, "I think that you earn the 'geek of the week' just by starting this blog!"

So you see, yours truly was the top nominee. While I'm not sure my colleagues meant to flatter me, I'll gladly accept the honor. I also predict that in a month they will be begging me for 'Geek of the Week' status.

Also, kudos to Lori, who vanquished yesterday's challenging cube root equation. If you're in her College Algebra class, live in fear. She threatened to put it on the next quiz. (Just Kidding)

photo: pillowhead designs

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