Thursday, October 23, 2008

Math Courseware Part 3-ModuMath

Continuing Steve Krevisky's reviews of CMS's...


• Offers Basic Math (Prealgebra), Algebra I and Algebra II
• Has 51 video lessons and study guide
• Test for grade, or drill and practice
• Test is not adaptive
• Has diagnostic for students
• Can keep student records
• Will store last test with questions
• Interactive – student can get feedback right away
• Will reinforce by presenting 2nd similar question
• Will prompt student to see if they want to review
• Will prompt student to get help if 4 similar questions are wrong
• Each test is 12 questions
• Graphics: Uses color, but not animation
• Background sometimes consists of paintings (one was by Georges Seurat)

• 4 DVDs, or 51 CDs
• Can order study guide
• Has to be installed on hard drive or network – 30 gigabytes
• Not web-based for home use – not for distance learning

Cost: $1300.00 one time charge for each set for 2 – 5 sets. The number of students who can access ModuMath concurrently is equal to the number of licenses purchased.
Study guide extra
Free technical support for 12 months
Free upgrades

• Easy for student to use
• Interactive
• Student gets immediate feedback
• Easy for instructor to customize

• Dark background so it is difficult to read
• Examples on the videos are difficult to read
• Cost is high
• No animation and graphics could be better.
• Must purchase Basic Math (Prealgebra) and Algebra I and II separately.

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