Thursday, October 16, 2008

More from Steve Krevisky...

Here is his review of the Aleks system.

Aleks Software

• Stand alone product – can be linked to text
• Has learning tutorial
• Practice with explanations
• Shows pie chart of mastery, and will deliver to student

• Web-based online instruction
• Stand alone or can link to test

Cost: $40 per student (before markup)
MathZone, an online homework system with diagnostics, is free to the student only if associated with text. MathZone is not free to the instructor.

• Has diagnostic test of 20-30 questions
• Can be customized by instructor
• Instructor can generate quizzes
• Many texts can be associated with this product

• Lacks overview
• Has video only if associated with text
• Graphics just ok.
• Not as user-friendly as some other software
• Doesn’t have online grade book. The grade book is available to the
instructor if linked to MathZone.

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