Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Free Education?

Ran into two more great education links on the delicious hotlist. First, TeachMate is a site similar to WizIQ, a place for teachers and learners to find each other online. The difference is that WizIQ is a little more professionaly oriented. Students seek tutor/teachers and vice versa. TeachMate is cool though because everyone is both a teacher and learner. You start at the site by listing the things you can teach and the things you want to learn. The site then sets you up with a complement. Unlike WizIQ, there are no resources to conduct the teaching/learning session. This has to be negotiated by the pair.

I also found a great orientation to the world of online lectures in the Boston Globe. It discusses the difference between TED, Bigthink, Fora.tv, and Edge. Now, I want the website that creates more time, so I can put it all in my head.

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