Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Christina sent me a link about a cool new puzzle called KenKen. It is Sudoku-like, but involves arithmetic as well. Here is board. This is my understanding of the rules. A four by four board can be covered in the numbers 1 through 4 with no more than 1 of each being each row or column (like Sudoku). However, the board is divided into subregions or rectangular boxes. Take the first two boxes in row 1. That is a subregion. The two and division sign say that only the two numbers that occupy the box have to have a quotient of two. So you could fill in 4,2 or 2,1 for the first two boxes. Interesting, huh. And for teachers this could be a fun puzzle to work with classes. (In fact it was invented by a Japanese teacher.) The Times even has a lesson plan for you, or play just for fun online. Thanks Christina!

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