Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Geek of the Week: Laura

Laura is our resident Foxtrot expert, which is a surprisingly geeky comic. You might remember the Fibonachos. That was Laura. Below is her latest find. I like this one even better. I can't wait to give it to my students.

I am also happy to report that the caché of the Geek of the Week award has risen, evidenced by the fact that people are now starting to prepare acceptance speeches. Here is an excerpt from the full 20 minute version of Laura's speech.
...Wow! Geek of the Week! I never thought I'd win! It was an honor just to be nominated...I'd like to thank the math department for selecting mom and dad for all their love and support and for giving me my first abacus and then my first slide rule...and let's not forget my Tunxis friends who love to remind me on a daily basis that I am a geek!


Anonymous said...

Oh, pah-leeze! That was a set up, if ever. I think LG slipped a few dollars to Hendree, who, with the little baby and all, is apparently open to bribery! [lol]

Elizabeth said...

Geez--ya think????!!!!

English Nerd said...

So is there any credit for figuring out the Foxtrot message? Because I did. Do I get extra credit because I'm an English major and dislike math? ;)

Unknown said...

English Nerd,

I always say the best reward is another problem. (And I made this one extra good for your extra credit.)

Determine the ages of Alfie's children from analyzing the following conversation.

Alfie: Can you guess the age's of my children? The product of their ages is 36.

Bernice: That's not enough information.

Alfie: The sum of their ages is the same as our street address.

Bernice: I'll need a little more info.

Alfie: My oldest is a girl.

Bernice: Okay, I've got it.

Tinyc Tim said...


Math Speak 

Unknown said...


What's this? How does it relate to the cartoon? Will it produce the cipher?

Tinyc Tim said...

Well, now that I've got this thing working under both IE and FF, if you click the link above, which I'll repeat here, the connection between the cartoon and the page (or should I say Paige?) should be obvious.
Math Speak 
Quiz time: Decipher