Monday, April 6, 2009

Math Contest

Friday was a big day for math at Tunxis. Both the Pi contest and CCC system-wide math contest were going down. It was a great day. The victor of the pi contest, Alex Bobman, memorized a whopping 302 digits! We are still waiting for the results of the math contest, but I'll post those as soon as I find out.
I was also able to get a copy of the math contest problems. I thought I'd pass along something fun.

A farmer had a daughter who spoke in riddles. One day the child was asked to count the number of goats and the number of ducks in the barnyard. She returned and said, "Twice the number of heads is 76 less than the number of of legs." How many goats were in the barnyard?

pic by ADoseofShipBoy

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