Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Geek of the Week: Ken Colangelo

I have received my first ever geek-resumé. It came via email about a week ago. It almost knocked the slide-rule right out of my shirt pocket. Here are the contents of that message.
I’d like to nominate myself.

In my spare time at home (spare time mind you) I’ve been creating code to generate optimized 3D models of Menger sponges.

I used to use huge amounts of CPU time on the VAX at CCSU as a student exploring strange attractors, Julia sets, cellular automata and n-body gravitational simulation.

They even gave me a degree for it.

This rendering I found hangs in my bathroom. 4th level Menger sponges…for the bathroom…ha!
This, combined with my frequent and popular (?!) emails about when to see the ISS passing over and my geektastic panoramic photography I think puts me in the running.

Also, I got my first paying computer job when I was 9. Seriously. I used those monster 8-inch floppy disks and installed CPM on old 8088 computers.

I’ve got a goofy picture of me covered in electrodes and another wearing safety goggles and a breather if you need them for my geek-of-the-week portrait.

I’ve got my fingers crossed.

He had me at Menger sponges, but he throws in a follow up email just to make it hurt.
I’m a rabid Scrabble player.
N.S.A.* member number 602852
*National Scrabble Association

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