Friday, June 5, 2009

Math and Fragrance

I went to the mall last weekend with my wife, and was so excited to find an old friend there. She was locked away in glass (like all things of considerable value), but visible among the various other colognes. I couldn't wait to look up the cologne on Givenchy's website. Why did they call it pi? Will it make you smell like pi? Can you really smell like an irrational number? I was so dissappointed when I got home. Here is Givenchy's description of the fragrance.
PI is a fragrance dedicated to adventurers in search of new territories and sensational experiences. The Pi man is a man of action who always surpasses himself.
It's hard to glimpse even a metaphoric relationship between the number and the fragrance.

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james revillini said...

Dude, you're hilarious.