Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Mathematician Goes on Vacation 5

This is the best picture I took all vacation. There is so much going on, but notice in particular how the foot of the table rests on the perimeter of the reflection of the table surface...momement of ecstasy! I recognize not everyone is that moved. (My wife just rolls her eyes.) I'm hoping if you read this blog. You might be geeky enough to appreciate it.


Tinyc Tim said...

Please add me to the ever-growing list of geeks who find table foot shadows meeting table top shadows at their perimeters. Good thing you didn't show up an hour later. Or did you hang around for an hour and then click the button?

Unknown said...

Hendree, you are a full-on *nerd*, buddy! Love it!

Mary Anne Doty said...

I'm not surprised. Jimmy always takes pictures of water pipe and manhole covers when we are on vacation. Civil engineers are just as nerdy as mathematicians.