Thursday, July 16, 2009

Which Mathematical Function Are You?

Lee tipped me off on a great Facebook time-waster: the Which Mathematical Function Are You quiz. You've done plenty of these viral quizzes before, but none so squarely centered on your geek heart. They ask you the standard personality questions. Sometimes the selections are worth a few giggles. Then they determine which mathematical function best fits your personality. I am apparently Gaussian.

Lee is apparently the Riemann zeta-function.
Mystery and wonder are your "prime" delights in life. You seek to apprehend all the hidden, complex patterns in the universe. Some think you are quirky, but they just don't understand you: they have not learned to think outside the box, as you have. You are a misunderstood genius.
I'm curious how many functions the quiz outputs. Let me know what you got in the comments.

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Mrs. Fuller said...

I usually skip the FB quizzes, but this one appealed to my nerdy side. Funny enough, I was Gaussian also!

I'll re-post if I get some data in from my FB friends, I"m curious what they'll get!

John Golden said...

The link didn't lead to a single quiz, but some kind of mail function. Is it a facebook quiz? I got to their quiz-making app after taking part of the link, and there were several different 'what type of function' choices.

Unknown said...

John, sorry about that. Should be all better. The link takes you to a facebook login page. After you login, you can take the quiz.

Unknown said...


Any data from you FB friends? So far we've had

Gaussian (you and me)
Riemann (Lee)
Sin (mathfaery on new website)

Jessica said...

Gaussian for me, too.