Thursday, September 18, 2008

Geek of the Week: Carianne and Steve

This week's geek is 1/2 Carianne and 1/2 Steve for the incredible gallery opening of Windfall. These two used their fractional powers to couple 100 of Carianne's images with 100 of Steve's poems. That is some serious artistic stamina. For those too remote or lazy to visit the gallery, they have the images up online at Steve's MediaPlay site or Carianne's blog. Visit, look, and later buy. They have a book in the works. Carianne has a beautiful desk copy in her office. Your coffee table is drooling and you don't even know it.

Thanks Carianne and Steve! You are always making us look good.

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Unknown said...

Carianne just sent me the link where you can buy the 100 days book.