Thursday, December 4, 2008

Geek of the Week: Anna and Will

This post is going to warm your heart. One, because we haven't had a geek of the week in a while, and two, it's a post about families sharing their geekiness...about the passing of primal geek energies from one generation to another. It's a post about continuity, tradition, and history. All of this in time for the holidays.

I ask you first to consider Sandy's son Will, decked out in full on geek regalia for Haloween.

This one is going straight to the head of the class. He has all the style he needs. (He also schooled me in Guitar Hero.)

Now check out this other Geek prodigy. You're about to listen to a voicemail Anna left her mother, Sue, at work. Anna gets so excited doing her math homework that she has to call her mother to sing the digits of pi. Have you ever heard such irrepressible joy at the discovery of irrational numbers?

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