Friday, December 5, 2008

Top Ten Reasons to Attend AMATYC

Here's another top ten list that Sue, Sandy, and Bonnie helped me with.

Top Ten Reasons to attend AMATYC
10-you get a ton of new ideas
9-rejuvenate your original teaching energies
8-the Woo-Woo’s at Banana Leaves
7-identify best teaching practices in a variety of different courses and environments
6-see the latest gadgets and apps in the Exhibit Hall
5-request features and products from publishers
4-win lots of free stuff
3-a big hug from Steve Krevitsky
2-cool math t-shirts to embarrass you family and friends with
And the number 1 reason to attend AMATYC…
You’re no longer the biggest geek in the room.

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