Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Geek of the Week: Lee Bradley

Welcoming the newest member to our math community Lee Bradely. Lee has just been hired on as a full time math tutor in the Academic Support Center. He gave me a great problem. You have to create 5 rectangles, such that the length of each side of one of the rectangles is an integer 1-10. You have to use all 10 numbers, so no sides of the same length. Furthermore, the resulting rectangles have to tile together to form a square. He has sworn there are 4 solutions and has given me one. Stop over in the ACS to say hello and get a hint from him. Also check out Lee's website. He uses mathematics to make beautiful puzzles.

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Tinyc Tim said...

Not to be analitic but it's a little clearer to say

"You have to create 5 rectangles such that the length of each side of each rectangle is an integer 1-10."

A friend of mine actually solved this thing using graph paper. I used a different approach. I don't want to give it away so I won't tell you what I did.

Please do stop over to the ASC. It's a great place to work and be.

- Lee