Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shirley Ellis's Name Game

Probably one of the coolest algorithms of all times. I love the fact that the name game is not a song, but a means to generate a whole series of songs given a cede. Formally, the name game is a lot more interesting (if not a little sillier) than a normal song. The Name Game is the brain child of Shirley Ellis. She recorded it in 1965. (Somehow I thought the song was much older.) The placard below is from some promotional material of the time, and actually explains the rules (or algorithm). Note the exceptions so we don't end up swearing.


Tinyc Tim said...

Here's something that might amuse.


The Name Game


Lee Bradley, Academic Support Center

Unknown said...

Nice, Lee! I like this. Kind of Shirley Ellis 2.0.