Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Semester Drag

It is that time of the semester when everyone is feeling a little bedraggled. My students are looking at me like if I ask them to simplify one more expression they will pass out. I try to put a good face on, but I'm feeling it too. In short, we're all a little fried. Soon the finals adrenaline rush will save us, but in the meantime I figured we all might need a reminder why we take/teach a math class. I found this graphic over at Filckr by Network Osaka. The graphic is really cool. Make sure to blow it up.


Tinyc Tim said...

If you are interested in buying a T-shirt with this design on it ...

Read on ...

I sent this to the folks over at 
I am interested in buying the shirt by D Kim ( that reads "Deep Down Inside, We All Love Math." I first learned of it when a teacher at Tunxis Community College here in Farmington, CT posted its image on a blog he runs for the Math department. When I was unable to find it on your site, I contacted the designer and learned it has not yet been printed. I really love this design and am good for at least two shirts. I plan on posting a comment on the blog suggesting teachers and students contact you (as I am doing) to express an interest in this shirt getting printed. I am *sure* you'd get a few people from Tunxis that would buy it. Please let me know what else I can do to promote this shirt! Thanks - Lee Bradley

PS - here's the post that started it all for me: 

Unknown said...

I'm good for one, too. Let me know what happens, Lee.

Tinyc Tim said...

OK. Here's the latest. got back to me with the following (see below). I have taken their advice and signed up for their newsletter and established a user account. I encourage all readers who *really* want this shirt by D. Kim to get printed to do the same.

Check out
the comments on this design 

Hello Lee!

Thanks for emailing. While the decision to print designs is primarily made by the design's overall score as well as staff picks, we appreciate your input. We choose several of the top-rated designs for printing every week. If you like a design, give it a high score and be sure to sign up for our email newsletter so that you'll be notified which new designs are printed weekly. You may also want to have your fellow math-lovers sign up for user accounts and rally for a print! :) Hopefully the design you like will become available for sale.

Have a wonderful day!

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