Thursday, April 16, 2009

Using xtimeline in class

Here is an interesting project my math for liberal arts class started. They used xtimeline to start a history of math timeline. We're a small class so there are only around 10 posts right now. I hope to grow this over the semesters. It was my first project like this. I waffled between using xtimeline and TimeToast. I liked TimeToast better visually, but it doesn't accept BC dates. That's fatal for a history of math timeline. xtimeline also allows multiple editors. The down sides are the appearance and the embed code is slow to load and akward. I'd like to hear in the comments of experience with similar net apps. I'm planning on doing my course schedule on one of these next semester.

Below is Jim R's Tunxis timeline. He tipped me off on this nice set of web tools. Thanks, Jim!

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